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Parks & Recreation

One of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors is to take advantage of Brevard County’s parks, many of which abound with recreational activities and environmental education.

Brevard county’s Department of Parks and Recreation manages 108 parks, three campgrounds, three golf courses, six nature centers, 42 beach access sites, 13 school athletic sites and more than 17,000 acres of Environmental Endangered Lands (EEL), sanctuaries and conservation areas.

Many parks preserve the area’s sensitive ecosystem and threatened species of wildlife. Educational programs at the department’s nature centers focus on outdoor awareness and environmental preservation.

Specific parks are a haven for bird watching, while others offer venues for golfing, camping, horseback riding, fishing and boating, beach and lake swimming, as well as water sports including sailing, windsurfing, surfing, rowing, canoeing and kayaking.

Other active sports like softball, tennis, volleyball, horseshoes and shuffleboard, as well as Little League soccer and baseball, can also be enjoyed at many locations. And for those looking for passive enjoyment, picnic pavilions and playgrounds are also a staple at many Brevard County parks.

For more information, visit BrevardCounty.us/ParksRecreation