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Brevard Zoo

If you are interested in exotic animals, natural Florida or wild adventures, Brevard Zoo is your escape from the ordinary. With lush surroundings and natural enclosures for its animal inhabitants, Brevard Zoo received a 2014 certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor.

More than 550 animals representing 165 species from Florida, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia reside in five habitats that loop out from the main visitor area of the zoo. One such loop, Paws On, offers water play, an aquarium and a petting-zone area that is popular with children.

Brevard Zoo’s residents include giraffes, white rhinoceroses, giant anteaters, jaguars, cheetahs, parrots, monkeys, snakes, alligators and crocodiles and a diverse array of other creatures. You can even kayak around an animal exhibit – the 10-acre Expedition Africa featuring cheetahs, lemurs, giraffes and impalas. Visitors also have the opportunity to paddle boat around the 22-acre restored wetlands area in the Wild Florida loop, ride the Cape to Cairo Express train and feed the birds in the free-flight aviary.

In 2011, Brevard Zoo introduced Treetop Trek Aerial Adventures, an exciting obstacle course and zip-line attraction (with a separate admission) comprised of three exhilarating courses, each suited for various age groups and physical-fitness levels. The most challenging of the three courses, the Treetop Challenge, includes a series of aerial obstacles 40 feet above the ground, a 700-foot zip line across the zoo’s wetlands and a wild ride over alligators and crocodiles.

In 2014, the zoo opened a new exhibit - Meerkat Hamlet -in celebration of its 20th birthday. Located in Expedition Africa, these precious, precocious and entertaining mammals represent a thoroughly different kind of resident than what is currently at the zoo.

For more information, visit BrevardZoo.org or call (321) 254-9453.