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Books and Bites – Retired General AJ Tata

Event Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018 Location: Cocoa Beach Public Library

Retired General AJ Tata will speak at a Books and Bites lunch in the community room at Cocoa Beach Public Library. This event is free and open to the public.

Direct Fire (Kensington Books, Dec. 26, 2017) delivers a story as exciting and adrenaline-charged as it is alarming. With stunning authenticity, General Tata explores the potentials and damage of sophisticated cyberwarfare coupled with terrorist ground forces on American soil as an ISIS cell gathers in the North Carolina mountains to avenge an American strike in Syria—known as Operation Groomsman.

Writing code with his uncle and planning logistics, ISIS member Zakir amasses a team focused on the murder or abduction of senior American military personnel and corporate CEO’s along with the capture of a Mack truck carrying a nuclear missile. Zakir and his mysterious commander, known only as Jackknife, seek revenge for the deaths of their Syrian family and friends who traveled in a wedding party and were mistakenly killed in an American strike intended to annihilate terrorist leader Al-Baghdadi.

Though largely successful in creating terrifying chaos through drones, assault rifles, surface-to-air missiles and most importantly, cyber-attacks on motor vehicles and banks, the terrorists’ well-orchestrated plan becomes compromised when they fail to capture protagonist Jake Mahegan, a former Delta Force member in search of his kidnapped teammates. Jake teams up with Cassie Bagwell, an Army Ranger whose father General Bart Bagwell and her mother have also been kidnapped. In scenes where life and death hang in the balance on nearly every page, Jake and Cassie confront the near impossible challenge of rescuing their comrades and family and incapacitating the terrorists.

General Tata served 28 years in the US Army, and his last combat tour was as the Deputy Commanding General of the Allied and Joint Task Force in Afghanistan where he earned the combat Action Badge and the Bronze Star. Currently, he is the National Security Expert for One American News Network on Tipping Point. He also appears frequently as a guest commentator on Fox News, the NBC Today Show, the CBS Early Show, and CNN.  His novel Besieged, was a national bestseller, and his novel, Foreign & Domestic, was a finalist for the Barry Award for best thriller. I have attached press materials and look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if you would like a review copy. Read more.

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